THE UNIQUE - Emma Morison - limited edition

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Custom framing


Illustration signed and numbered handmade by artist, Emma Morison

Format: 30x30 cm

Edition limited to 100 copies

Print Type: Fine Art Print or Giclée
Type the paper :Sihl White Smooth320 gsm 100% cotton crisp white

Production technique: brushed ink

Integration of the Clouée embossed pad

Digital certificate of authenticity sent by email or by post, established by Clouée

Printed with care in France

Reinforced packaging

Custom framing optional with solid oak strips (15x15mm), 2mm acrylic glass pane, frame closure by kraft to prevent any dust infiltration and steel "crocodile" type hooks.

All made by the workshop Lama Factory in Paris

An exceptional product personalized with a few words from the artist on his interpretation of the theme, as well as the titles that are affixed to the back of each frame