Paulina Spucches

Paulina Spucches is a Franco-Argentine comic book author. Music and drawing have been with her since she was a child. A complete artist and talented violinist, she turned to drawing, which has the extraordinary virtue of channelling, stimulating and fulfilling her. After a DMA in illustration at the Parisian high school Auguste Renoir, where she trained in children's illustration, comics and engraving, she naturally turned to comics. Her diploma work is devoted to a comic book project on the photographer Vivian Maier, which will be published in 2021. Her work is sublime and captivating: she tells us a thousand things with her brushes, she plays with watercolour and gouache in a transparent way, emotion pierces each of her drawings with always an exceptional, independent and autonomous woman at the centre of each story.
Paulina Spucches

Sasha and Orlando

The triptych of Paulina

nterpretation of the theme "The taste of life and the thirst for life".Her triptych is part of the imagination. Le temps s’arrête… contemplons cette œuvre, une ode au féminisme, à la sororité et à l’écologie. Paulina drew her inspiration from many artistic references full of poetry and emotion: Botticelli's Bacchanalia, the prodigious Brecht Evens, the inescapable Fabrizio Dori and the inspiring Lorenzo Mattotti. Les couleurs sont profondes et éclatantes, les traits sont purs dans un environnement naturel hospitalier.  Ensommeilé·e / Se retrouver / Un secret are the 3 illustrations that make up this triptych. It is about living together, altruism and sharing. Enjoy ...

Paulina & Vivian Maier

This graphic novel "Vivian Maier, on the surface of a mirror" is a marvel. Une puissance graphique haute en couleurs et une sensibilité profonde transpercent chaque case. Paulina Spucches livre un bel hommage à Vivian Maier, l’énigmatique photographe de rue. This story is so fascinating that it is surrounded by mysteries and questions about this woman whose talent the public only discovered after her death. What a woman!
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Paulina Spucches