Victor Le Foll

Victor Le Foll is a talented author of comics and children's literature. Petit, son cœur balance entre le dessin et l’agriculture, cet amour de la terre hérité d'une enfance à proximité de la ferme familiale situé dans les Monts d’Arrée. Mais ces lectures, ces histoires lui donne goût au dessin. Il tombe dedans comme Obélix dans la marmite. Encouraged by his family, he leaves his native Brittany and arrives in Paris to study art at Auguste Renoir. In 2021, he is the scriptwriter of the children's book, Le bestiaire de maman, sublimely illustrated by Jeanne Sterkers, published by L'Agrume. He is currently working on a number of interesting projects, including a comic book on the world of fishing and books for young people. Largely influenced by the two irresistible Gauls, Asterix and Obelix, his graphic universe is fascinating with a profusion of details and a sophisticated image construction. Il peint à l’aquarelle avec minutie chaque décor et arrière-plan, avec maitrise chaque objet, chaque expression. His characters are just like him: funny and endearing! His drawings are aimed at all audiences, just like the artists who inspire him the most: Frederic Pilot, Nicolas de Crecy, Rebecca Dautremer, Katarina Walch, Claude Ponti, Henri Rivière...
Victor Le Foll

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Victor Le Foll

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The triptych of Victor Le Foll

Interpretation of the theme "The taste of life and the thirst for life"
The first children's book, Le bestiaire de maman, is a great success that highlights the talent of the two artists, Jeanne Sterkers and Victor le Foll. They pay a beautiful tribute to the mother figure who takes on all the roles, all the postures and juggles with all her duties in a bright, lively and luminous graphic universe. They tell to perfection all the imperfections of this mother, a superhero who struggles to accomplish each mission and daily task.  This succession of activities carried out by this mother is told with simplicity and humor by her child. The strength of this children's book is the graphic power of Jeanne Sterkers associated with a narrative style and a tone, tinged with lightness and humor that characterize Victor Le Foll so well.
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