Paul Chevallier

Behind the apparent simplicity, this innate sense of movement and the pencilled atmosphere as soothing as effective is Paul Chevallier, an author illustrator who wears his name wonderfully well. A name that tells stories to children with an original graphic universe and a way of addressing these young readers with accuracy and humor as people in their own right, simply taking them seriously. As a child, Paul explores the fascinating world of Claude Ponti between humor, poetry, dreams and initiatory tests: his readings hold an important place and influence his life choices and aesthetic tastes. The transmission of art comes from his mother, a graphic designer, and from his open-mindedness. In college, he draws to overcome boredom. From a scribble on the corner of a sheet of paper, drawing quickly took on more and more importance. After a literary baccalaureate, he decides to perfect his technique in preparatory schools, first at the Sèvres workshops and then at the EPSAA in Paris. It was at the Renoir School that he refined and imposed his style. Paul juggles with geometric forms, he entertains with these characters all in roundness without identity, not gendered handling the movement to perfection. Passionate about video games and pixels, especially Machinarium, he appropriates the codes to better thwart them. He seizes the aesthetic that is familiar to him but always brings his personal touch ... Mechanism well broken that he applies ingeniously in his creative process. The cult cartoon, The Shadoks, becomes, for example, a graphic, humorous, rhythmic and narrative reference. This freedom of tone allows him to dare, to free himself from visual constraints and graphic standards. The absence of text does not take away the narrative power, the scenario is built only by the image, leaving free rein to our imagination. His playful universe takes various forms: first in publishing with comic book projects, then in ceramics, which he learns by himself. There is a depth that emanates from his creations. Curious, a true jack-of-all-trades, reading Paul is a great way to move between cultures and time, between reality and dreams, between the wonderful and the absurd. His illustration "Preparations" is the best example. His remarkable work of coloring, this funny scene associated with a mastered and minimalist construction game bring cheerfulness, comfort and breath of air, to put imperatively in all the hands, children as adults!

L'arbre mère

Paul Chevallier - "Bomb seeds"


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