Léa Alméras

Léa Alméras is a talented author and illustrator. With a stroke of the magic pipette, of which only she holds the secret, she creates singular characters and mysterious universes always full of energy and life. Her drawing, which looks like an experimental journey, is born from her incredible imagination which transports us between civilizations and different continents. Observant, sparkling, generous and luminous artist, Léa skilfully exploits monochrome and draws the reader into her graphic universe full of dynamism and poetry. From a very young age, Léa has been immersed in everything that surrounds her: drawing, music, reading. She grew up in an environment with a strong artistic tone with the example of her two parents, a graphic designer and author, and her grandmother, a watercolor reporter. The youngest of the family is distinguished by an overflowing imagination and by an art centered on the human with a unique technique. After graduating with a DMA from the École Estienne in Paris, she naturally turned to publishing. She is currently drawing her first graphic novel exclusively in black and white. A work full of finesse, restraint and elegance that illuminates a moving story. Her style is unconventional with her ink work and her amazing and surprising graphics, halfway between printmaking and the world of manga with these bodies that stretch, twist and contort. Her timeless universe is an invitation to contemplate the human being from which she draws her inspiration. Her readings and her openness to the world demonstrate the surprising power of her creativity. Her illustration "The winter coat" is a perfect example: it is a call to freedom with this explosive, sensitive line and this touch of poetry of a striking modernity which characterize her so much.
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