Emma Morison

Emma Morison is an author and illustrator who delivers all her generosity, her joviality and her delicacy in her creations. Her talent is recognizable thanks to her dreamlike universe, her fertile imagination, her rich colors and her technical mastery. Her world where her characters breathing purity, life and her monsters straight out of her imagination happily intermingle... all cohabit harmoniously together in a warm, reassuring environment and all seem to have escaped by simple fantasy from fantastic tales, from childish stories that invite us to venture further into Emma's wonderful world.

As a child, her father gave her her first sketchbook and pencils. 
This gift was not insignificant: it marked the unfailing support of those around her 
who pushed her to blossom in this artistic field that she loved so much. Her school career led her to the Auguste Renoir high school
where she followed a DMA illustration course. 

A true thirst for knowledge, Emma left for Argentina to perfect her training in publishing and lithography. Back in Paris, she enrolled in a FCND comic book course to perfect her narrative and editorial work. Her schooling ends at the ESAL in Épinal where she refines her artistic practice and technique. An optimistic and pugnacious artist, with her cheerful voice and sparkling eyes, always in search of experimentation, Emma Morison plays with and appropriates each medium while developing her own technique. She transposes all her poetic universe through books but also tattooing, ceramics and engraving.
Between dream, nightmare and fear, the young author-illustrator unveils a bewitching dreamlike odyssey
dreamlike odyssey, full of details, high in colors. 

She puts all her talent to write and illustrate stories mixing fantasy and wonder on current societal themes. Her triptych is the fruit of a mind that teems with creativity and imagination. To the subtlety and finesse of the illustrations in brushed ink, we add the difficulty of distinguishing the border between dream and reality: we imagine ourselves living fully on this mountain with its elegant coat and rubbing shoulders with this little lady who lives in perfect harmony with this winter nature.

With a snap of the finger, young and old alike, we would like to teleport ourselves into her sensitive universe of powerful beauty to meet all these amazing beings living in unison with this nature that is taking back all its rights.

Few words on her bibliography

Mademoiselle Vole (text by Laurence Gillot, illustrations Emma Morison, «Editions du Pourquoi Pas ?», october 2022).

Simply turning the pages of this book is already a pleasure for the eyes by the originality of the narrative
and the beauty of the illustrations. This book deals delicately with exile and immigration
and immigration: Hana and her mother, exiled in France, must overcome the language barrier
language barrier, the difficulty of feeding and housing themselves.

A fair and sensitive album, within the reach of children, on the situation of a mother and her daughter
A fair and sensitive book, within the reach of children, about the situation of a mother and her daughter who are immigrants in France, with luminous illustrations made with pencils that give a smile and warm the heart.
An intelligent book to slip into all little hands!
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