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A customized subscription system

Ré-inventez vos espaces de travail avec nos créations originales.

Triptyque, Diptyque, Unique, choissisez votre formule et on s'occupe du reste !

Des évènements créatifs et récréatifs

Benefit from events around our works to meet, exchange and socialize.
Workshop, Exhibition, Meetings around the artistic creation and the drawing.

a personalized support

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How does our subscription work?

You choose the subscription formula that suits your work space according to your available wall space and your needs. All our creations are supplied with a custom-made frame made in a Parisian workshop.   
After agreement, the INSTALLATION is carried out by the Nailed team at the day and hour which are convenient for you, the creations are installed at the place envisaged on the contract. 
We take care of everything, from delivery to installation, with a fixing system that does not damage your walls and leaves no trace. 
We take the time to CHAT with you about the history of each illustration and its artist. 
We ensure an increased EXPERIENCE thanks to a QR code allowing to discover the graphic universe of each artist, their bibliography, their course...  
We ensure a RENEWAL of the creations every 3 months by the Nailed team in person. We ensure the FOLLOW-UP of each work.  
A receipt is presented to you at each visit allowing you to control the follow-up.
We select together the illustrations for your company according to your sensitivity and your image which will adapt to your offices to bring a pleasant working environment, source of creativity and meaning. 
Our creations will be integrated into your workplace to bring well-being and quality of life.

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