Chloé Alméras

Chloé Alméras is an author and illustrator of children's books whose world is filled with wonder by its delicacy, soothes by its gentleness and awakens by its humanism. Her precise and meticulous gesture associated with a poetic narration make her books joyful nuggets that observe humanity and the earth from all angles. The seeds of her talent were sown very early in the family. Born into a family of artists, Chloé is lulled by books, painting, sculpture and music that work her imagination. A fertile ground for a future artist. She graduated with an FCND in illustration from the École Corvisart Paris 13 after obtaining a DMA in illustration from the École Estienne. In 2018, she was selected to create the visual identity for the Bologna Fair. This event will mark the starting point of her career. Through her wonderful gouache work, realistic and fairy-like, Chloé develops a sensitive, soft and very assertive universe, rich with unusual details that invite the eye and the mind to travel. The illustrator has concocted an incomparable blue on her palette, a blue synonymous with dreams, serenity and escape that has become almost her signature. It is through her profoundly modern style that she transmits literature to young minds, with the love of words and the singularity of her drawing. Her bibliography demonstrates her will to propose an active reading to the youngest to reflect and to become aware of the beauty of life and of the importance of those who surround us.her triptych transports us, over the seasons, to the heart of Japan which fascinates her so much. She seizes the aesthetic and its codes while detaching herself from them. She demonstrates with elegance and subtlety that dance is more than ever a body language: a movement, a gesture, a pause, a posture. Let us be carried by the rhythm of the seasons, let us admire the earth which dances in its turn, let us appreciate this ode to life, to joy and to nature.

Forêts vivantes

La collection Pause

Joséphine, (Éditions Seuil Jeunesse) this hardback book for toddlers is a real favorite. Josephine, a curious and endearing giraffe, ventures out to discover a vast environment that changes as she wanders.A mischievous book in a poetic graphic universe that is on each page an explosion of happiness. This playful album allowing to discover the first notions is a great success.
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