Alison Henri

The artistic palette of the artist, Alison Henri, is wide. Illustrator, colorist, ceramist, embroiderer, she is able to change from one art to another with a certain delicacy and ease.
She uses her language, which is color, to accompany her writing and drawing work with precision and finesse. Her creations immerse us in a dreamlike, mystical universe with realistic features that constantly reconnect with her cultural and family heritage of the Reunion Island. A large part of her work is devoted to the beauty of the island, its history, its inhabitants and her grandmother who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 
His drawings invite us to take part in an initiatory journey to the heart of his island, the mythology, the deities and the Hindu belief. The great epic of the Mahâbhârata becomes the privileged setting of his creations.
Alison grew up in Paris where she attended a general education program. As a child, she was fascinated by books and animal documentaries. She is captivated by the beauty of a world without humans, a passion she shares with her father. Although art was not part of her family's DNA, she decided to study fine arts. Her pencil stroke attracts the attention of a teacher who advises her to study applied arts in MANAA at Auguste Renoir. She perfected her technique and became a real jack-of-all-trades: drawing, engraving, ceramics. Her path led her to Strasbourg where Alison decided to devote herself fully to art.  
Curious and cheerful by nature, Alison takes us into her mysterious and enigmatic world that she likes to associate with soft techniques. Her illustration for the chapter "Living Forests" is a great example. She stages the powerful and indispensable partners of this ecosystem: the mushrooms. With their beneficial virtues but also their potential venomousness, with their shapes and colors that are both bewitching and disturbing, with their capacity to emerge from the ground in the blink of an eye, only to disappear almost as quickly, they arouse her curiosity and feed her imagination. 
A traveler at heart, passionate about cooking and in love with Reunion Island, Alison bridges the gap between tradition and modernity with her softly drawn pencils.
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