Chapter 1


Clouée opens a breach on our blue planet which does not resemble any other. It is a poetic exploration of the infinitely small and the infinitely largeThe Earth lives, it breathes, let us consider it as a living being, which self-regulates. Living planet, planet in evolution, fragile planet, influenced by man.
When science and art become one, when the artist becomes a defender of the living by telling a vibrant story of climate & science to awaken collective consciousness. This chapter is composed of 4 original creations including 1 scientific drawing.
The splendor and richness of the Earth, all in harmony, illustrated by 3 female illustrators, to remind us how urgent it is to protect it.


Chloé Alméras
A collection full of delicacy and elegance on one of our favorite objects: the teapot

Two linetext heading

A big chill is blowing at Clouée... The negative temperatures shake up our habits. The cold freezes nature in a moment of purity, the snow transforms and simplifies the landscape. The low-angled light begins to pierce the frost and make the snow sparkle. Its stripes halo the ridges and penetrate through the interstices, without yet reaching the valleys. And when the city puts on its long white coat, the atmosphere is even more magical, the decor as luminous as it is magical.

Shall we dance ?

With a simple and furtive gesture on a PLAY button, the music takes hold of the rhythm and the melody to become embedded in our minds and our hearts.  A kind of repetitive pulsation like heartbeats takes possession of our whole body. We move, we moove, we groove, we waltz in short we get drunk. 
To dance is to feel alive. At any time, of any age, it is an extraordinary means of expression, a universal language which crosses and transgresses all the borders and which tells a time, a society. 
 In solo, in duet, in group, in crew... It has a thousand facets involving a technique, an academic rigor, a mastery, a cultural belonging, a transmission of body to body and a sensation of absolute freedom.

Le goût de la vie et la soif des autres

Remedy to melancholy with our creations where the return to life, to real values, to these immaterial things pierce the paper. An ode to these small simple pleasures shared with the other, to this carefree spirit and the desire to revive these social links which are essential to deconsecrate the spirit. 
The taste of life and the thirst for others revives our five senses and ensures our good balance. Drawings of everyday scenes, these moments of connection with others, these precious moments of intergenerational sharing, these friendly and convivial times, these physical contacts that do so much good, bring back the smile and make our heart beat. 
Recreating intergenerational links, drinking in culture, taking the time together to enjoy life, seeing the warmth of the crowd that is bubbling up ... our senses are in effervescence and our morale is restored.

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