The author's subtlety is to offer the reader a story that vacillates between realism and imagination. Like a magician, Paulina Spucches brings back to life, with her brushes, the black and white pictures of the photographer by putting them in their context, thus sublimating these moments of life marked by delicacy and lightness.
Besides the fact that the documentation is perfectly balanced, the reader is marked by the intimate atmosphere that emanates from all the sequences. He is moved by the simple sincerity of the graphics, by the variation of the shots and by the quality of each detail. Thus, the beauty of the alpine landscapes, the New York frenzy of the 50's whose jazzy rhythm still blows in our ears and the immensity of Chicago are retranscribed with finesse and poetry. The choice of color, varying according to the place and the luminosity, transports the reader by giving him the feeling of a total immersion in the animated streets of New York, in the alleys of Saint Bonnet en Champsaur or in the green vegetation of Chicago. The emotional dimension is remarkable, positioning the reader as a spectator of an era and a society. This contemplative story, whose only break the immersive illusion is the discreet dialogues.   
Paulina Spucches signs a promising first graphic novel full of feminism and great maturity. She brings to light this independent and solitary woman whose work brings a new look on society, on an era without worrying about the others. A great professional, adept at self-portraiture, methodical and organized, who was able to leave traces of her work that we discover with wonder today. 
By this biographical fiction, the author plunges us into her graphic universe so singular with a so particular tone and an overflowing imagination. 
This comic book lets us foresee, we hope, other albums dedicated to women, to atypical life paths with simplicity, authenticity and independence as common traits.        
A literary escapade, a graphic escape that we fully enjoy... and that we dream of transposing on our walls. 


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Through our theme "the taste of life & the thirst of the living", the talented Paulina Spucches draws with watercolor to say in transparency a thousand things about moments of life, sharing, enjailment 
and on human relationships. 

3 original illustrations in limited edition where the imaginary, 
the marvelous and the reality of our daily life.