Clouée opted for a pre-order system for environmental reasons
and production costs.
Say goodbye to dormant stocks!

For a few weeks, 3 illustrations put on pre-order.
By pre-ordering, you start production!


This allows:

  • to produce only what is sold and therefore limit any unnecessary overproduction. Thank you for the planet 🌏
  • control production costs and offer fairer prices. Softer prices therefore and a production launched solely by your purchases. Thanks for the wallet 🤸
  • to make sure we are heading in the right direction 🚸

Between the order, the production time and the delivery, it takes between 6 and 8 weeks. But it's nothing for an illustration, a diptych or a triptych, which you will keep for life and which will accompany your daily life 💛

At the end of the pre-order, if there is still stock -because we remind you that this is a limited number of copies- we still produce 5% more stock than what was pre-ordered. give latecomers the chance to order the original creations. Be careful, the selling price is necessarily more expensive.

To sum up, by pre-ordering, you ensure that you acquire one or more original limited edition creations of your choice. You get a better price and you're doing good for the planet!