About us

Clouée is a French graphic publishing house, founded in April 2022, dedicated to the sale of original illustrations, in limited edition around an inspiring and timeless theme, full of poetry and lightness.
We love illustration and drawing and we are also passionate about comics and children's literature. We have created a fun concept that allows you to acquire an exclusive work, a triptych, specially designed for Clouée. The challenge for the artist is to draw a story, a scene linked by a visual coherence. However, each illustration must stand on its own. You are free to compose it according to your own sensitivity, your artistic tastes and the wall space free.
Our star product


A single illustration, a dyptic or a triptych, compose according to your desires and your space!

3 reasons to love Clouée :

The 1st : we place the illustrator at the center of our concept. We put the spotlight on an artist to allow you to know more about him or her or to discover the artist, in particular his or her career path, his or her graphic universe, his or her bibliography (if any) and his or her current events. Each illustration is numbered and signed by the artist. 

The 2nd : we have an approach that is both eco-responsible and oriented towards local and artisanal know-how. We favor a pre-sale system to limit any unnecessary overproduction and we work with a Parisian workshop specializing in art prints and custom framing with the use of quality sustainable materials. 

The 3rd : Clouée is the promise of a wall escape, adapted to all the walls of your little cocoon, an offer for individuals but also for companies!  

We are editors of original creations, printed with care, framed with love, ready to be nailed at home, in your offices or elsewhere ... 

Audrey Plouvier & Mathilde Zouaoui 
Co-founders of Clouée.

Our concept

1 theme every 3 months 1 artist per month  The illustrator's sales are ephemeral. They start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the same month. The number of prints is defined by the artist and by Clouée.     1 triptych in limited edition, hand signed and numbered by each artist.

Our mascots

The first children's book, "Le bestiaire de maman", is a great success that highlights the talent of the two artists, Jeanne Sterkers and Victor Le Foll. They pay a beautiful tribute to the mother figure who takes on all the roles, all the postures and juggles with all her duties in a bright, lively and luminous graphic universe. They perfectly portray all the imperfections of this mother, a superhero who struggles to carry out each mission and daily task. This succession of activities carried out by this mother is told with simplicity and humour by her child. The strength of this children's book lies in Jeanne Sterkers' powerful graphics, combined with a narrative style and tone, tinged with the lightness and humour that characterise Victor Le Foll so well.