The nail, this small metal object, is essential for wall hanging. With a simple and mechanical gesture, the nail allows to realize a long term and thoughtful act: the hanging of your framed illustration in the place you have imagined.

We consider that the frame is an integral part of the illustration: it gives it depth, participates in the scenography, and ensures a better conservation. The frame gives life to the illustration and reminds us that it is a decorative object, furniture.

 Our triptychs, diptychs, and one-offs have a so-called atypical format (30x35cm) which requires a custom-made frame. Clouée is concerned to highlight this craft and local know-how.

We are not specialists in framing and therefore needed an external expert.

That’s why we decided to collaborate with LAMA Factory to make our frames.

It is a workshop specialized in custom framing founded by Jean & Nicolas, located in Paris. We are sensitive to their responsible approach, concerned about the environment with a selection of sustainable quality materials.


Each frame is handmade. We have selected a frame with two types of moldings (black or solid oak) with acrylic glass and a steel "crocodile" hook. Each frame is closed and sealed with kraft paper to prevent dust infiltration.

An exceptional product with a personalized label that is affixed to the back of the frame with information on the illustration purchased. 


The frame option remains optional but is highly recommended for an immediate wall escape.


Clouée is a mix between a strong gesture, committed & a long term act with a touch of femininity that fully characterizes us!

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