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Chapter II - Living forests by Paul Chevallier
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Chapter II - Living forests by Alison Henri
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Chapter I - The Earth, this living being by Léa Alméras
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Clouée opens a breach on our blue planet which does not resemble any other.
À ciel ouvert is a poetic exploration of the infinitely small and the infinitely large... Each artist chooses his or her angle: an aerial portrait, a view from the sky to appreciate the beauty of our living world or an immersive and sensory stroll through endangered spaces and species.
When science and art become one, when the artist becomes a defender of life by telling a vibrant story of climate & science to awaken collective consciousness.

Alison Henri

The artistic palette of the artist, Alison Henri, is wide. Illustrator, colorist, ceramist, embroiderer, she is able to change from one art to another with a certain delicacy and ease.
She uses her language, which is color, to accompany her writing and drawing work with precision and finesse. Her creations immerse us in a dreamlike, mystical universe with realistic features that constantly reconnect with her cultural and family heritage of the Reunion Island. A large part of her work is devoted to the beauty of the island, its history, its inhabitants and her grandmother who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 
His drawings invite us to take part in an initiatory journey to the heart of his island, the mythology, the deities and the Hindu belief. The great epic of the Mahâbhârata becomes the privileged setting of his creations.

Claire Painchaud

Behind the apparent simplicity, this innate sense of movement and the pencilled atmosphere as soothing as effective is Paul Chevallier, an author illustrator who wears his name wonderfully well. A name that tells stories to children with an original graphic universe and a way of addressing these young readers with accuracy and humor as people in their own right, simply taking them seriously. 
As a child, Paul explores the fascinating world of Claude Ponti between humor, poetry, dreams and initiatory tests: his readings hold an important place and influence his life choices and his aesthetic tastes. 
His playful universe takes various forms: first in publishing with comic book projects, then in ceramics, which he learned on his own. There is a depth that emanates from his creations. Curious, a true jack-of-all-trades, reading Paul is a great way to move between cultures and time, between reality and dreams, between the wonderful and the absurd.

À ciel ouvert - Chapitre II "Forêts vivantes"

Ce chapitre est une déclaration d’amour à cet organisme vivant qu’est la forêt, à son essence, à ses racines de la terre et du ciel. Amour réciproque tant nos besoins sont mutuels.

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